Compound fertilizer equipments


For this process production and processing of products, each quality index accord with national standards (GB15063-2001) for inorganic mixed and compound fertilizer.

For this craft production system, comprehensive discharge index of atmospheric pollutants accords with GB16297-1996.

Comprehensive discharge index of waste water accord with GB8978-88.

To Protect crops, maximum permissible concentration of atmospheric pollutants accord with GB9137-88.



After being metered, the powdery inorganic materials such as N, P, K and fillers (mainly including bond) go into mixing process-step, the materials mixed evenly are conveyed into granulator.

Although the materials after granulating have come into being granules, the granules at this time have a quite high moisture, which can’ t meet the requirement of packaging and shipping. Thus the materials are conveyed into rotary drier for drying.

The temperature of the materials coming out of drier is quite high, and then the materials are sent to rotary cooler for cooling to further increase the granule strength and reduce the moisture. And then the cooled granules are coarse-sieved and fine-sieved to separate and fine powder, finally final products are achieved.

After Heating melt prevent binder according to certain proportion, use metering pump to increase pressure quantitatively, and then spray to the granule surface through sprayer to form a layer of film, this can prevent fertilizer contacting with air and can prevent caking.

The granule materials after film will be conveyed to automatic quantitative packaging weigh for packaging warehousing.