Chicken manure fertilizer production line

Furfural fertilizer production line

Pig manure fertilizer production line

Our service team have a great reputation in the industry for buyer service experience. Our installed production line always run well with minus trouble. When there is error in production, our team will solve the problem first. Our target is to provide buyer trouble-free production line.

We use the best material and components for our fertilizer production line. Such as steel, bearing, electrical parts, pipe, fittings, etc. Good material and components will significantly improve the production line performance in stability and cost saving. Visiting our user factory will be the most direct way to see that. 

Raw material, energy and consumption spare part cost is always the key points of investors' concern. Our team put much effort in cost saving through out the whole production line such as furnace burning efficiency, Motor driving energy saving, every spare part quality, etc.  Long term cost saving will bring considerable profit for factory.


Turnkey Project Design

Design the whole factory layout, electricity, machine foundation and work flow to make sure our customer will not worry about factory establish detail. We can even design workshop building for buyer.

Machine Fabrication

After determine of production line configuration, we will manufacture the machines soonest while ensuring the machine quality as we always promised and implement all customizing requirement by buyer.

Installation guidance

We will send engineers to buyer's site for installation guidance from A to Z. They will stay there for civil work guidance, machine installation , testing and training for workers.

Spare parts supply

As the machines and production line runs, spare part supply without delay is very important to prevent production stop. Not only supplying best qualified spare parts, our system also give suggestion in advance accordingly.

Use life machine repair and maintenance service

Our machines are designed for running decades, thus there might be necessary maintenance. We will rapidly find nearest engineer for buyer to solve problem.

Technology upgrade

Fertilizer production technology is always upgrading, our team will inform and discuss with customers for better machine performance and cost saving.


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